The Relationship Matters framework is a teachable mindset and skillset that allows you to boost your EQ, your emotional intelligence. 

With heightened EQ, you can powerfully engage, understand, and develop insight and creativity with your entire team and enhance your personal and professional life.

Character EQ

Assess your seven Life Languages™ and their order of fluency and how to recognize and react to them in others

Understand the four keys that will unlock any Life Language so you can see why you, and others, do what you do

See how you can prevent predictable distress patterns and reduce stress

Communication EQ

Understand the three realities you must face to become a brilliant leader

Learn the five conversations that will change the way that you engage and drive buy-in and accountability

See how your six responsibilities as a leader impact your management and decision-making style

We offer:

On-site Customized Team Learning Experiences

Classes and Workshops to Boost You and Your Team's EQ

One on One Executive Coaching

"In a time of deepening relational divide, Relationship Matters has the answers"

Supercharge your relationships!

Learn to boost your EQ and be the best leader you can be