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The Seven Life Languages

3 hours -- Character EQ

There are seven billion people on the earth but there are only seven life languages! In this character-based communication seminar, see how and why you respond and react to others the way you do: your filter, needs from others, passion, strengths, stressor, and leadership style.

Pre-requisite: You must have taken the character-based life languages assessment. You can obtain your report by taking your assessment here.

Reflective Listening

1 hour -- Communication EQ

The relatability of a person lies in his or her ability to listen to people and ideas. Developing a REAL8ABLE mindset is key to building our emotional quotient or EQ. Learn how this skill can confirm understanding and break the typical cycle of conversations that go awry.


Connecting Conversation

1 hour -- Communication EQ

Building on Reflective Listening, developing your EQ can equip you to connect fully in 360-degree business relationships, with your spouse, family, and friends. Navigate the seven plus two levels of intimacy to truly experience meaningful conversations that strengthen your connections with others.

Courageous Conversation

3 hours -- Communication EQ

Conflicts are often avoided because conversations spiral out of control or yield no lasting results. Discover how to have a safe and productive conversation by unlocking the core of the problem, realizing the preferable future, and focusing on an agreement to ensuring buy-in with follow-through that builds trust.


Collaborating Conversation

3 hours -- Communication EQ

Discover the four types of decision making and how to truly collaborate by seeing the situation from a mutually beneficial perspective. Your team, spouse, or family will be empowered to explore the goals, timing, resources, outcome, face the challenges of the problem in order to generate the best outcomes.

Comforting Conversation

3 hours -- Communication EQ

We have all experienced setbacks, loss or failure in our business and personal lives. We all know that life is not guaranteed to be easy so we need the skill to encourage ourselves and to help others be encouraged in a meaningful way. 


Conciliatory Conversation

3 hours -- Communication EQ

Sometimes a simple ‘I am sorry’ is not enough. Whether in business or in a personal relationship, a well-worded and meaningful apology can be critical for recovery. Learn how to navigate all four levels of a problem in order to construct and deliver a complete effective apology.