The Brilliant People Series

Boosting Your Character EQ

Our Brilliant People learning series is designed to build Character EQ. Team members will uncover the four essential keys to success that shape their mindset. By knowing yourself, you can maintain control of yourself and meaningfully engage in soaring with your strengths while staying in balance. Individual coaching addresses blind spots and helps team members develop specific character qualities

The core of this learning series focuses on the Life Languages™ assessment and includes a detailed profile of each team member’s communication preferences and styles.

There are seven billion people on the earth but there are only seven Life Languages™ . In this learning series, team members will see how and why they respond and react to others the way they do and how they can communicate with healthy and balanced character.

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“By languages, in all their facets, we can live in peace or go to war. We sing songs in harmony, or shout insults in anger. We experience connection or disconnection. We work together in peace or in pain. The choice is ours.”—Anna Kendall

Every so often, we meet people with whom we find it difficult to communicate. For one reason or another, we don’t seem to be on the same wavelength—it’s as if we’re speaking different languages. It’s frustrating when we try to discuss something with them or understand their point of view.

Fred and Anna Kendall set out to discover how different people prefer to communicate and what methods they use to do so. The result is the Kendalls’ Life Languages program, which has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people around the world.

In Communication IQ, the Kendalls share information about three communication intelligence categories: kinetic/actionemotive/feeling, and cognitive/thinking and the seven Life Languages: MoverDoerInfluencerResponderShaperProducer, and Contemplator. Each Life Language has a filter through which one views life and communication, a need that provides feelings of acceptance and love when it’s met, a key character strength, a learning style, and other traits.

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