A Growing Problem

The problems facing today's leaders continue to grow increasingly more daunting when it comes to engaging their workforce. This is especially true in our increasingly fast-paced corporate environment that is so focused on results. This has lead to issues in turnover, engagement, and trust:

  • 0%

Employees who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.

  • 0%

Employees who were fully engaged in their job where trust in leadership is a contributing factor.

  • 0%

Employees that strongly agree that at work their opinions seem to count.

How can we best equip ourselves as leaders to overcome these issues and foster creativity, innovation, and growth in our teams? It has been demonstrated that building a strong emotional intelligence [EQ] as a leader is key to enabling your teams’ success.

“Emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have the best training, mind, & ideas but still won’t make a great leader.” – Daniel Goldman, Harvard Business Review

Relational Brilliance

Character + Engagement

At Relationship Matters, we focus on building people’s emotional intelligence [EQ] in order to raise up brilliant people, with brilliant leadership skills, that build and drive brilliant culture.

We see this as a journey of continuous discovery whose underpinnings are not in what we know but rather in developing the ability to demonstrate a strong character which we call character emotional intelligence (Character EQ), and relationally-oriented skills or engagement emotional intelligence (Engagement EQ).

Character EQ is all about understanding why we need and what we need from others, our filter through which we process information, our driving passion and motivation, and our key character strengths. Developing this type of self-awareness boosts the character aspects of our emotional intelligence. Strengthening our Character EQ is essential to becoming brilliant people. Knowing the why and the what, we still need to know the how.

Engagement EQ is about honing the right skills that we need in order to communicate effectively. Knowing how to develop a relatable mindset and engage others in meaningful conversation with accurate understanding and appropriate responses boosts the engagement aspects of our emotional intelligence. Strengthening our Engagement EQ is essential to becoming brilliant leaders.

We all know of people that are lacking in one or another of these EQ areas and perhaps we can also honestly see ourselves in this spectrum on occasion. From the Dictator, who is self-serving and expects blind obedience, to the Lone Wolf, who has strong character but has trouble getting teams to engage, to the Charlatan, who can rally teams but often over promises and under delivers.

The best leaders are Brilliant, demonstrating strong character and communicating effectively and relationally with their teams. The best teams are comprised of individuals that live at their brilliant best reinforced by a culture that recognizes and walks out strong Character EQ and Engagement EQ daily. Relationship Matters is dedicated to coaching you along this Brilliant Learning Journey.

"In a time of deepening relational divide,

Relationship Matters has the answers"